Main Race Postponed


Continued severe adverse weather in the southern Free State overnight and into the early hours of this morning have made liberation from Colesberg impossible.

From 03:30 on Saturday morning, Head trainer Corrie Naude, ASI MD Sara Blackshaw, Race Director Michael Holt and George Le Roux from SANPO have been in constant communication to source solutions.

We are faced with a choice between a shortened race distance but with more clement conditions or postponement until earliest Wednesday.

We are trying hard to liberate from a shortened distance based upon updated weather reports and on the ground observations and keeping in mind the best interest of the pigeons.


The severe adverse weather conditions have deteriorated further on the flight path. We have therefore taken the decision to postpone the main race until earliest Wednesday. We do however currently have the possibility of being able to liberate them for a shorter distance. We expect them to be liberated late morning so that we can enjoy their return on the big screen in the Entertainment centre. This exceptional additional training flight, in the event that we are able to do so, will be endowed with prize monies as follows: First prize $5,000, Second $3,000 and 3rd $2,000. Positions 4 to 10 will each receive a free entry for the 2018 race.

We sincerely apologise for this, but it is due to circumstances completely out of our control and we believe this to be the best interest of the pigeons.

We are now considering the implications for averages, nominations and auctions and we will report on this later in the day.

Sara J Blackshaw

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