Loft Report - 30 January 2017

Finally, the time has come for the big South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Our preparation is in full swing for the big day. Our Trainers are happy to report that the pigeons are fit and ready for the race.

Everything at the lofts is running smoothly, here is an atmosphere of excitement as the time creeps closer and closer. I’m sure many of you can also barely contain your excitement to see old friends meet new fanciers and of course to experience the main race first hand.

Hot Spot Car Race 5:

On Saturday, 21 January the Pigeons were liberated at 6h00 at a distance of 335 km (208 mi). The transporter reported no problems along the route and pigeons were liberated as planned. The transporter reported head winds at the liberation point. The head winds strength only increased throughout the day and 17h50 we experienced storms at the lofts. This was really a good race to test and prepare the pigeons for the main race. 2802 basketed pigeons made their way back to the lofts. The first pigeon arrived at 11:26:15.54 and had flown for 05h 26m 15s 54ms.

Congratulations to the Hot Spot - Vehicle Winner, Salmiah Alabhoul with the pigeon Saad R Alabhoul, from Kuwait.

The last Hot Spot Car Race was a magnificent experience. We had many guest coming from all over to watch this event with us.

We wish you safe travels and hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the race with us.

Best of luck to all our entrants.

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