Listings; What you need to know

Training flights take place every day in order to get the pigeons race fit for main race on 3 February 2017. This means that a pigeon might go missing between published listings.

Hold Back Listing

The Hold Back List is a list of pigeons that have not been basketed for training races but are in the lofts.

All late returning pigeons are kept in a separate compartment after each training flight and the loft staff then inspect each pigeon to see if the reason for the late return is a loss of condition or just a mistake made on the day.

If it is due to a loss of condition the pigeon is treated as needed and removed from training for a few days. Once it is back in condition it is returned to the training with the other pigeons.

As the pigeon’s identity is sealed it is not possible to give reasoning per pigeon as to why it is being held back.

All pigeons on the hold back listing are included in loft listings.

Loft Listings

Loft listings include all pigeons in the lofts, including the pigeons held back.

This listing will also include any pigeons that were not in the lofts at the time of the basketing and hold back listings being created but that have returned in the meantime. We often find that some pigeons that sleep out on a training flight get lead home the following day by the main pack.

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