Some advice from our trainers to reduce losses during quarantine.

Our pigeon trainer Mr. Corrie Naude explained the following procedure to follow before sending your pigeons to avoid losses during quarantine. This procedure has been successfully tested with our SA entrants and following this advice has greatly reduced their losses during quarantine.

It is advised to vaccinate your pigeons at least 21 days before shipping them to your shipping agent. Before vaccination please make sure that the vaccine is not contaminated or expired and still viable. The vaccine we use at the SAMDPR is Nobilis Paramyxo P201

The following are the recommended steps to follow:

1. Do not vaccinate the baby while it is still in the nest, and being fed by parents.

2. Wait for the babies to be weaned from the parents, only when the baby eats on its own, then you

can vaccinate

3. After vaccination treat against coccidiosis.

4. Wait for 3-4 weeks. REVACCINATE against Paramyxo and then ship the pigeons to SAMDPR

We hope that by sharing this advice we can assist all our entrants to have a better success rate in quarantine and reduce losses during quarantine greatly.

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