Late US pigeons

We have had a number of inquiries about a number of US and Canadian pigeons that show up late on the pre training flight results - their situation is as follows. Through no fault of the entrants or the SAMDPR, approximately 340 pigeons got stuck in quarantine overseas for a period of 3 months and only arrived in South Africa in October.

Before the pigeons were finally sent to South Africa each and every entrant was given a choice of whether to still send them to the SAMDPR or withdraw them. The entrants were made aware that the pigeons would not be quarantined at the SAMDPR lofts to avoid any delays for the rest of the entries received and that they would be a few months behind the rest of the pigeons and more than likely would miss out on the first few Hot Spot Car Races.

Some fanciers, after being told these conditions, still decided to send their pigeons and we received 119 pigeons into the lofts after they completed the required 30 days quarantine elsewhere in South Africa in November. These pigeons were, until Monday 10th Dec, soaped and allowed out the lofts in the afternoon to orientate once the other pigeons have returned. As there is no basket list for Pre Training Flights they also get recorded on the Pre Training Flight listings with all other the pigeons.

As Thursday is the first official training flight, these pigeons will not be on the published basket list and because of this will not show on the published race result anymore, but they will appear on the loft listings until they join the main pack in training.

We hope that this answers the questions that some of you have had regarding these pigeons.

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