Basketing & Main race 2018

With training season now behind us the pigeons are ready for the main race on Saturday, 3 February.

Once again we will be hosting the event at Emerald Casino and Resort, in Vanderbijlpark where preparations are on the way for an exciting action-packed day for all pigeon fanciers. We are very excited about this year’s turnout and would also lie to invite everyone interested to join us on race day at Emerald in the E&E Centre to enjoy the race with us. All weather predictions are looking good for the main race, the pigeons are ready for action.

Any pigeon fancier that would like to assist us with basketing on Thursday 1st February is welcome. Basketing takes place at 12h00 at Emerald Casino & Resort in the E&E Centre, light snack and refreshments will be available for helpers.

For those of you not able to attend, we will have a live stream on Youtube, broadcasting all the happenings and the race throughout Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you all there and the best of luck for the race ahead.

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