TOP 50 Auction

The top 50 auction will be held two weeks after the main race and not on the Sunday as in the past. Reasons for this are as follows:

It is fairer to the pigeons - after having just flown the race this gives the pigeons a chance to rest and recover before going to an auction and being handled by potential buyers.

It is fairer to the breeders, after having had to postpone the sale last year because of the postponement of the race, we found that having the auction so fast after the race potential buyers were not given enough time to study pedigrees and performance and as a result prices achieved suffered in the past. Giving the buyers enough time to study the pigeons gives everyone a fairer opportunity to bid.

Currently the top 50 auction is being planned for the 17th of February, please keep an eye on our website for further details as well as updated auction registration forms for online bidding.

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