Vet report on condition of the pigeons

With the Hot Spot Car Races coming up, we had our vet, Dr PL van Zyl (B.V.Sc.) have a look at the pigeons to ensure that they were in tip top shape for the races.

A representative sample of birds in the loft were examined.

Here is the vets findings;

1. The condition of all birds were excellent and Muscle development very good.

2 . Feather quality are perfect and NO external parasites were present.

3. The Cropsmears tested 100% negative for Thrichomoniases.

4. No Coccidia or worms were observed.

He stated that in his opinion the birds examined were all clinically healthy ,in excellent condition and fit to race.

Wishing you all Good Luck for the upcoming HSCR 1 and a happy festive season to you and yours.

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