Training Week 6

We are now in training week six, the trainers are very happy that the pigeons are doing so well. They really have exceeded expectation. Road training is on schedule.

As explained earlier last week, The pigeons are released in a park in Vaalpark approximately 6km from the lofts. This distance is gradually increased. We release them basket by basket because the surroundings are not suitable for a mass liberation. Liberating over 5500 pigeons at once in a urban setting is totally out of the question.

By releasing the pigeons in this way the risk of injuries are greatly reduced. This also helps the pigeons form leaders and gives them a better chance to orientate themselves and form packs more readily. Our competent trainers will never do anything that puts the pigeons at risk. They ensure that the birds are doing excellent and that they will be ready when the official training flights start.

Our tentative training schedule is up on our training schedule page on our website, please note that this is subjected to change due to weather conditions.

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