Loft Report - June 2017

A lot of hard work went into the lofts over the last couple of months since the big race in February, to ensure that we get approved for quarantine.

The loft staff has worked very hard to meet all the requirements to get the lofts approved as a quarantine facility and then of course that little bit of extra effort to make the lofts more presentable. Many days were spent to fine tune the inner workings so that when intake starts, we are more than ready. The lofts received a new coat of paint and extraction fan and heat insulation, the pigeons will be happier than before with these new upgrades.

We were approved as a quarantine facility the 24th of May and with all the auctions done and dusted we are ready for the race season ahead. As any pigeon fancier would know, pigeon auctions evoke great excitement. It is a chance to catch up with old friends and new fanciers. It’s not all business as many of the clubs treat these auctions as a social gathering as well.

The SAMDPR, Air Sport Internationale and local South African pigeon clubs hosted 34 auctions across the country. Over 1500 pigeons were auctioned off. As we frequently mention, this is a year of 1sts for us and we were enthralled by how slickly all the auctions were executed this year. The online Bidding was exceptionally well received this year by all international buyers.

The regional auctions also give the SAMDPR the opportunity to give back to South African pigeon racing. A portion of the auction proceeds are given back to the clubs, thereby improving the welfare and continuity of our local South African clubs.

As all of you well know, our intake period is around the corner. We are looking forward to receiving next year’s champions.

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