SAMDPR Announces Hot Spot Dates


SAMDPR is pleased to announce the new provisional program for the 2018 race season, culminating in a final race of 562 km or 350 miles on February 3rd 2018 as follows :

Hot Spot 1           25.11.17               162km

Hot Spot 2           02.12.17               211km

Hot Spot 3           17.12.17               251km

Hot Spot 4           30.12.17               309km

Hot Spot 5           13.01.18               335km

Final Race            03.02.18               562km

We will be organising functions for each of the Hot Spot races as well as a repeat of the highly successful race week so please reserve your dates now and remember to book your pigeons early via your shipper so that they arrive in South Africa in due time for quarantine.

Wishing you all a great 2018 season

Sara J. Blackshaw

MD Air Sport Internationale SA

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