SAMDPR Competitions and Events Race Weekend

Golf Tournament

Designed by Danie Obermeyer, the Heron Banks golf course runs seamlessly throughout the estate and along the Vaal River, boasting amazing views, wildlife and brilliant golfing. The course has something to offer for everyone regardless of your skill level.

The annual golf tournament will be held on Friday 1st of February 2019 at Heron Banks Golf and River Estate at 11h30. Refreshments will be served at a halfway point during the tournament.

The exact formula will be decided on once we have the final number of entrants that will participate in the tournament. A trophy will be awarded to the winner of the SAMDPR Golf Tournament.

Fishing Competition

On Friday the 1st of February, the annual fishing competition will be held on the banks of the Vaal River adjacent to the lofts. It’s a safe, fenced area teeming with Barbel, Carp, Yellowfish and Bass. This will be a great way to socialise with your fellow fanciers and enjoy the natural beauty of the river banks.

The competition will start at approximately 11h30. Fishing rods, tackle and bait will be provided.

A trophy will be awarded to the overall winner

Ten Pin Bowling Competition

A new addition to this years program is a Ten Pin Bowling competition held at the Emerald Resort & Casino’s Aqua Dome at the Pins Bowling Alley. This exciting event will be held on the 1st of February at 15h30.

Kindly advice as soon as possible so that the lanes can be booked for the challenge.

A trophy will be awarded to the winners.

Ladies Game Drive

Specially tailored for the ladies this year, we will have a Ladies Game Drive on Friday 1st of February. Safari vehicles will leave from the hotel at 09h30 and 10h30

Enjoy the great outdoors and an unforgettable wildlife journey with the trained Emerald Guides.

Expect to see giraffe, eland, gemsbok, springbok, zebra, impala, wildebeest and many more on this interactive, didactic game drive.

A breeding pair of fish eagles and ostriches are among the bird species you can find in the park.

Bookings for the drive are essential, as space is limited.

If you are interested in joining any of the above events, please contact Joan-e Holt at or Cell number (+27)83 510 6519.

Please follow the link to download the Entry Form for these events and please return to Joan-e Holt

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