Loft Report - Hot Spot Car Races

We had our first Hot Spot Car Races on Saturday, 10 and 17 December 2016. We had guest coming from all over South Africa to see the races.

Hot Spot Car Race 1:

The pigeons were liberated 5h45 at a distance of 162km (101 mi). The transporter reported no problems on route to the liberation point, where they experienced a strong head wind.

At liberation, 3532 basketed pigeons made their way back home where the excited spectators grew more and more impatient with anticipating their arrival. The fist Pigeon arrived at 07:58:38.29 and had flown a staggering 02h 13m 38s 29ms.

Congratulations to Bader Al-Sanafi with his pigeon Alsanafi 5, from Kuwait, who has won the Hot Spot Car Race 1 with an unpaid pigeon.

Hot Spot Car Race 2:

The Pigeons were liberated at 5h30 at a distance of 211km (131 mi). The transporter reported no problems along the route and pigeons were liberated as planned. The transporter reported strong head winds at the liberation point as well as along the road back to the lofts. 3214 basketed pigeons made their way back to the lofts. The first pigeon arrived at 08:36:57.65 and had flown for 03h 06m 57s 65ms.

Congratulations to Team Florea Sorin with their pigeon African Pearl, from Romania, who has won the Hot Spot Car Race 2.

The guests thoroughly enjoyed these races with us. They enjoyed spending the day at the lofts to not only see its workings, but to ‘braai’ with us while having refreshments as they waited for the last of the birds to arrive.

We wish everyone else Good luck for the coming races.

Stephan Steenkamp

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