Message from ASI

As you will have seen I took the decision to postpone the 4th HS from Saturday 13.01 to Monday 15.01 very late on Friday night.

The reason for this is very simple, our trainers had identified over 360 pigeons which they did not consider capable of racing on Saturday and needed to be put on a hold back list. Obviously this is a large number and represents effectively over 12% of the pigeons.

The reasons for this were varied, including late returns and problems of lactic acid. We consulted with our vet Dr Piet who has prescribed treatment which is already being administered to the pigeons concerned.

Normally we would not diverge from an announced race program unless we absolutely have to. We did this for the final race last year and we did it again today. It is my opinion that it would be fairer competition for the 4th HS if all the birds were competing and therefore I postponed it to Monday.

It is also possible that the distance on Monday will be slightly reduced, a decision to be taken once veterinary advice has been received.

The other consequence of this is that the final 5th HS will probably now only be held on Tuesday 23.01 but we are expecting that race to be to full distance.

Thanking you for your understanding and all your support and looking forward to a great final race

Sara J. Blackshaw

MD Air Sport Internationale SA

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